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Close contract or not?



I have this one client who paid, accepted milestone and even promised me to close the contract, but did not and now does not answer to my messages.


What should I do with that?


If you have already received payment into your account, then go ahead and close this contract yourself.

Yes, client approved milestone.

Will this affect my JSS in negative way?


In and of itself, the act of closing a contract yourself (as a freelancer) does NOT have any effect on your Job Success Score.


What causes a problem if the client never leaves feedback. In this case, the client will probably not leave feedback. (Maybe he will, but at this point, it seems unlikely.)


But simply having a single contract without feedback will NOT impact your Job Success Score.


What causes a problem is when you have a pattern of too many contracts without client feedback.


if you have this happen once in a while, it's fine, though. I have had many, but they are scattered throughout a work history with client feedback, so my JSS is NOT negatively impacted by these.

In connection to this topic, I just want to ask in my case I also have several paused contract due to inactivity. I asked my clients before to end my contract but I got no reply from them so I just left it that way until such time that it accumulated. I understand that I can end the contracts my self and may not affect my JSS but it will show in my profile a pattern of contract without feedback which is not good. Is there any solution on these?


Thank you. I hope you can help me.  

Solution? Yes.


Close the contracts yourself, but do so one at a time, interspersed with contracts closed by clients that have feedback.

Thanks so much Preston.