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Closed my account without processing all payments.

I closed my account and had pending payments. How can I reopen the account to recover the pending payments, or is there any way upwork could transfer the pending payments?

I don't see a way to contact support.

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Could an agent contact me? I don't see help available to submit ticket, chat or phone.

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Hi Pablo,

Since the account you're posting from is open, I am assuming that there is another account that you have closed, and you can go ahead and PM me the User ID or email address with that account so that we can further assist.


Hi Nina,

I can't click on private message, it states I don't have sufficient privilieges. The email address is **Edited for Community Guidelines**

Once your other account has been restored you will have to close the current one  (or close both) as you can only have one account (ever)

Yes, will close this one, and the other too after I get the funds.


@Pablo C wrote:

Yes, will close this one, and the other too after I get the funds.

 Don't panic, Support will re-open the account for you and chances are the payment would have been disbursed to the withdrawal method on file anyway 🙂

I had an available balance of $22.x in the agency.

For the agency funds I think this wednesday or next wednesday only.

For the freelancer funds this wednesday and next wednesday.


Closed it like an hour ago. No notice I would not be able to receive the funds, a notification there would be helpful. Is there any solution?

Do the clients get charged? If not I can ask them to pay me outside of upwork, or if the option exists to re-open the account to be able to withdraw excellent.

Hi Pablo,

I see you were able to successfully withdraw your earnings! Let us know if you have any other questions or need further assistance.

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