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Closing an unpaid contract?

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Lisa W Member Since: Nov 14, 2015
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I'm sure this information is somewhere, but I couldn't find it and was hoping for a quick answer from the forum. My first job on Upwork was a very low paying, simple writing job. I've completed multiple projects successfully for this client over the last several months and have always gotten good feedback. I realized last month that while the job says "$xxxx" next to it, the amount wasn't funded (my mistake completely, I was a newbie and didn't pay close enough attention.)


Despite that, the client has always paid the agreed amount for each project. At this point, I would like to close the contract because it's just not worth my time and effort to get paid $6 for 3 hours of work when I'm getting paid far more on other projects that are actually funded up front or paid hourly. The problem is that last week I turned down what would have been a major project for them (at the same low rate) and was honest that while I enjoyed working for them, I wouldn't be able to do complex projects any more but may be willing to do a one-off once in awhile if I had the time. No response. I also haven't been paid for the 3 projects I completed in the last month, and am waiting to hear back from the client on those. I also requested that the contract be closed and thanked him for the opportunity, since he was the first person to hire me here.


My question: there is no guarantee of payment since I didn't insist that the work be funded (my fault, and I may have to take this one in the teeth - but the client has always paid so I'm still hopeful). If I don't receive a response for awhile, does it make sense for me to just close the contract? I don't like the idea of a bad review, but I don't want to leave it hanging either. I don't really want to go through support because I already know there's no guarantee of payment, it's not very much to begin with, and I'd rather just walk away with a good review based on the past 3 months. Suggestions? 

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Kamaludin M Member Since: Aug 22, 2015
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I was recently talking with Upwork Customer Support agent and she told me jobs that end without payment will affect your future JSS. So the best option is to complete the job, ask the client to close the contract and take those $6.

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Samuel W Member Since: Apr 21, 2015
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Unless the client closes the contract soon or doesn't leave a review, your JSS will take a toll no matter what you do.
If you close the contract and the client doesn't leave a review, your JSS is lowered for not having a review (makes no sense, I know).

If you leave the contracts open for too long, the contract will be automatically paused and this will affect your JSS; the longer it is paused, the more your JSS is affected (again, it makes no sense).
If they don't answer/close the contract fairly soon, I would close the contract so that your JSS doesn't go down for having a paused contract + for having no review after you close it because you don't want it to be lowering your contract longer.