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Closing the contract by mistake


I am working with a client, on 2 different projects and two different contracts.
The client wanted to close the first contract (successfully finished), but he closed the second by mistake.
The problem is:
- 0 earnings/milestones yet on the second, so the earnings there are 0.
- its not the problem about the payment, he opened another one (third) and he paid the milestones 
- My JSS dropped from 93 to 90, because of the closed contract without earning (canceled by client)

How can I fix this? Can Upwork support help me somehow?


Hi Aleksandar,


I'm sorry to hear about what happened. Could you please share the contract ID so I can also check? 

You can find Contract ID by clicking on the name of the contract and then navigating to Terms & Settings tab.

~ Joanne

CONTRACT ID: 26950290

Hi Aleksandar,


Thanks for sharing more information. I'd like to confirm that having no payments on a contract doesn't count negatively in the Job Success Score. A contract with no payments and positive feedback will be excluded from the JSS calculation. If the client specified that a contract didn't have a good outcome, that contract will be included in the calculation. Unfortunately, we will not be able to share details about the effect a specific contract has on your JSS or about private feedback left for a specific contract.


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Aleksandar J wrote:

- My JSS dropped from 93 to 90, because of the closed contract without earning (canceled by client)

It didn't, because contracts that close without payment don't hurt the JSS anymore and haven't since last year. It would only have hurt if the client left less than great private feedback while closing the contract.


If thats' not the case, it will have been one of the other contracts that closed during the two weeks between updates which came with less great private feedback.

Message client and have an arrangement done with him

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