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Closing the contract without activity

Hi, guys!

I have a client. Previously we had a contract and looks like he was satisfied with my work - after a few days after the completion of the project, he hired me again. But he didn't set any task, saying only that "we will hold a video conference in the coming days, and I will explain everything that needs to be done". Later, the date of our conference was postponed several times, and now more than a month has passed. Apparently, the contract without activity is starting to spoil my JSS. But I'm even more worried about what will happen if the client decides to refuse my services (say, the circumstances have changed - my work is not needed anymore) and simply closes the contract. Contract without any activity. Will it hurt my JSS? What do you do in such cases?


Let me clarify that:
1. Our last communication with a client was 2 weeks ago. He explained that the meeting would be postponed and he would write a new date later.
2. It's not that I want to close the contract. I just want to understand what potential problems might be there.


Thanks in advance for your answers!

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 What do you do in such cases?

Hi Siarhei,

I am sorry to konw the inconvenience you are feeling at the moment. In this case we cannot say for sure that the buyer would definitely refuse to continue. There are both the options. He/she may really be involved in some essential activity,  come back and resume the activity or he may refuse to work with you.

Now, when more than a month has passed, there is a little hope left of his coming back. 

Now you want to close the contract without any activity. I would suggest you to at least inform the Upwork admin. It will be a safer step. If I had faced such an issue, I would have informed Upwork. 

I hope that the admin will surely analyse this case and may introduce a principle for the clients as they are supposed to continue the contract without activity not more than------------ this time period etc.

Hope it will be helpful.

All the best.




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