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Closing the contract

I have a few onging contracts. Seems like one is not going to have any more work. Should I ask the client to close the contract?



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It depends on various things. How long has the contract been sitting idle, when did you last communicate with the client, and is s/he otherwise active on UW? (all pertain to how engaged the client might be, whether engaged enough to come back and close the contract -- if they're not, then not much point) How robust is your job history on UW -- do you have dozens of closed contracts or are you still working to accrue the first 12-15? Are you TR yet? How often do you typically close a contract? (Once you use the TR fb removal perk, it's not available again until three months and ten closed contracts have elapsed. Should you need to use it and you don't cycle through contracts very frequently, it could be useful to have a couple dormant ones you could close.) 

It's not harming you to let it sit (unless you are compulsive about housekeeping). OTOH, a breezy note to the client along the lines of will you be needing anything else, you can close that contract and re-hire me with one click when you need me again might nudge more work. 

The reason I am asking whether to have idling contracts is  a good idea because I am not sure how potential clients might consider my availability.

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