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Coaching opportunities for writing proposals

Hello, I see there is an option for coaching and I am interested in getting some one on one to write successful proposals. I have been illustrating books for 5 years with some of the work being UpWork. I am now in a lull where I'm sending proposals but not getting any interest. I have watched the deep dive and also some of the courses, all of which were very informative. 

I feel like I just need someone took at what I am doing and tell me what is working/not working.

Thank you

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Lisa, 

All the Cohorts have already closed, but you can check the Academy and the courses available here to help you get started with writing unique and eye-catching proposals. When new Cohorts open, they will be listed on the Coaching page. Hopefully, you'll be able to join the next batch. 

Good luck!

~ Avery

Thank you for responding. Yes, I have checked out some of the videos on the Academy and I'll keep my eyes open for new batches.


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