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Collaborating on a Web Design Project (Magento/Magento 2)?

I've been talking with a potential client for the past week or so about a project that, at first, seemed like it was going to be a straight design project for site graphics and printed materials, but after discussing the job in detail, it looks like it's going to involve frontend development. The site is built with Magento, and while I'm familiar with PHP, I've never worked with Magento before. She still wants me to design the layout for several pages and web assets (images, infographics, etc), but someone else will need to update the site afterwards.


So, I need to find a Magento developer. I'll probably be communicating with the developer more often than the client because I want to make sure the layouts I'm designing are doable with Magento, but she would be the one paying - which is why I didn't just make a job posting.


Is Upwork set up to handle situations like this? So far, I've only done jobs where it's just me and a client. If Upwork is set up for this, am I in the right place to ask? And if I'm in the right place to ask, are there **Edited for Community Guidelines**

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