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Commission + Hourly


If someone is offering a role that has an hourly base + commission, how do they handle the commisson piece through UpWork? 

Do they do the hourly contract and then create a separate fixed rate contract that they issue after the work is done and they have calculated the commission amount?


If that is the correct process, is there a way for that person to issue that fixed rate contract directly to one freelancer as opposed to posting as a job opportunity that al users can view?




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Upwork does not have user interface controls specifically for setting up commission payments. So users may handle that using any available Upwork payment methods as long as they don't violate Upwork TOS.


I recommend using an hourly contact only, and paying commission payments using bonus payments sent from the hourly contract. But that is my opinion. There is not an official way to do this.

Thanks Preston

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Devian, I think what Preston suggests is more straightforward than sitting two contracts. The client can pay any amount of bonuses on the same contract.

If you have another contract for the commissions only, would there be a risk that if things get mixed up for some reason, the client could leave bad feedback on BOTH contracts as that is how the system works. Double trouble for your precisious JSS.

In general, it's safer to have just one contract per client at a time.
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