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Communication via telegram, payment in different modes

Hi All,

I got message for two jobs which I gave proposals. They asked me contact via telegram, In telegram they informed me about job ($50 each for 20 images converting into Ms word) and also they said payment will be in PayPal, binance, etc.

Can you anyone advice whether this is scam or genuine.

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Communicating with a potential client outside of Upwork is against Upwork's terms and conditions before a contract is in place. Payment outside of Upwork is also against Upwork's terms and conditions. This is most definitely a scam.

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Here is the link to a great post about red flags and scams from an Upwork community member Wes that's highly recommended by Upwork to read.



Hope this helps to keep you safe!

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Read the TOS. Yes, it's long. Probably longer than it needs to be. But read it anyway. Nine out of ten scams can immediately be written off simply by reading--and following--Upwork's terms of service. 


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