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Community Badge Earned

Hello Community,

I hope all are working brilliantly, passionately and professionally. I have earned a badge, how this badge may enhance finding, and getting some projects on board? I still couldn't avail of any job/project.

Any Freelancer to respond will be highly appreciated, please.


Best Regards.


Syed Arif Mahmood.

Community Member

Earn more badges by participating. Use your connects wisely.


Community Member

I don't think it will enhance finding or getting jobs in any way

Thanks, Syeda for responding, I am sure you would have also got such badges, did it really just up to earning badges?

Not applicable

I think it's an Upwork way of creating a community for the new breed of Gen Z freelancers that connect and use the community far more than us older types.

Personally too many badges in the community tell me too much free time instead of earning money.

Yep, the community tell us too much free time instead of earning money.

Community Member

There are 'Community badges' and 'Talent badges'...clients have badges too 'verified payment' 'enterprise client'..etc

Community badges are the ones you get here, in the community, a client cannot see them when you are applying for jobs and they are not diplayed on your freelancing profile (unless the client is in the community and looks at your profile here - your 'community profile').

Talent badges are things like the 'verified badge' 'rising talent' 'top rated' etc...and these are earned on the freelancing side of Upwork. These are the ones that can be seen by prospective clients when you submit a proposal or when they come across your profile.

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