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Completed Job Not Showing up on Earnings

I completed a job that was approved on friday. I got paid through Escrow. For some reason however, the money from the job doesn't appear in my profile earnings. Any idea what this could mean?

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It's not of any help, but I have the same issue
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Hi Richard,


In order to check the status of your payment, please go to your account > select the Reports tab > Overview and you'll see the funds under the Pending tab. That means they are currently subjected to a standard five-day security period and will become available for withdrawal on that date shown under the date details. Once they become available in your account balance, you'll be able to use the Get Paid Now button under the available tab and withdraw the funds to the payment method you set up on your Get Paid page, under Settings. Please read more about working and getting paid on Fixed-Price contracts in this Help article.


Thank you!

~ Bojan
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I finished a Job, it's showing on my Profile, but Not in my earnings Nor have I gotten Paid. What happen to the money?

Hi Jason,


I checked and it seems that the contract you are referring to is an agency contract. Please note that all contracts are paid into the agency's collective financial account balance. You can withdraw your funds by switching to your agency (click on the avatar in the top-right corner) and going to Settings > Get Paid. However, before withdrawing, you need to complete a W9 Form. Feel free to check out this help article to learn more about the W9 form.


Thank you.

~ Aleksandar
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