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Completed a gig ... now what?

First gig complete.  

When I try and find out the steps to getting paid, the screen keeps reverting back to my profile.   Unable to obtain the next steps...

Can someone advise?  


Was your contract hourly or fixed price?


I'm not set up to get paid.   

@Kristine I wrote:


I'm not set up to get paid.   

Oh boy - face palm!


Sorry Kristine - that was cheap. But on a fixed-rate job , you should have made sure that escrow (for the entire job had been funded) before starting work.



Do you mean you haven't set up your account for payment?  Don't you have to do that to get your profile approved?


Or do you mean you don't have a contract on Upwork?

Kristine -

Did you get hired (an official contract) on this site?

Did the client fund escrow?

Was the clients account verified?

Did you complete the job and if so did the client approve the results?


Aside from those questions which need to be done. Did you set up a transfer method to take the funds from here and transfer them to your personall account such as your bank, a PayPal account, Wire transfer etc?



Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Kristine,


It looks like you have a contract with a funded milestone and you have already requested for the money  to be released. Now, the client may review work and approve it or request revisions or the funds will be released automatically 14 days later. Once the money is released to you, there is 5-days security period before the money becomes available for withdrawal. 


You have already added a withdrawal method so you should be good to go.


Let us know if you have any further questions.

~ Valeria
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