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Completing learning path


After completing learning path will it help me land my first job on this platform, im really eager to start doing what i love i.e data entry

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Yes, it will help you in ways you may not see now. Good for you for making use of the available material. Most of the people who get scammed or lose money don't understand how to use the platform.  Knowledge is not only power, it brings safety as well.


I know you want to jump in, but please make certain you have read the Terms of Service, this from Wes, as well as everything in the Academy, and the different threads for new freelancers on the Upwork pages. If you have, you might want to continue checking the coaching and new freelancer threads at the Upwork pages even as you progress. It's always nice to know when Upwork makes changes to the platform or if there are special events.


Nice work on setting up your profile! Data entry is a crowded field, and the competition is fierce. However, after seeing numerous freelancer profiles, you are way ahead of many. It takes time, proposals and connects to land a job. But we all started where you are now. With your attitude, professionalism, and skills, I think you have a bright future.



Hi Jeanne H

Thanks for the reply, I really appreciate your feedback.

I would also add more samples to your portfolio.

Thank you, will appreciate

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