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Computer Authorizaton

Can anyone give me insights. I forgot the computer authorization password and I tried accessing my e-mail but it won't allow me to get in because the e-mail site has been infected by a malware. Is there any other way I can access my computer authorization password?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi James,


You will need to reply to the security question with the answer you provided when you set it up in order to access your Settings and update your email.

~ Valeria

I find your problem a little confuse.  We don't know nothing about your SO, architecture or context. Moreover, this is the typical question that some people ask when trying to break into the computer or take the profile of other people. I'm not saying that this is your case, but if you want your problem to have one chance to be noticed by the right people, maybe you will need to reformulate your question. You forgot your pasword of what?, obviously not from your account on this web, or you couldn't be here posting, so...


If the email site has malware I would also suggest to change your e-mail provider and stop using this mail. There is not any guarantee that what you write will pass unchanged to your client and this could be a source of endless headaches. If your client receives a mail supossedly "from you" with malware, you are fried as freelancer.