Comunity full of JS% complains

Have any one notice that most of the  posts in the first page are related to JS% complains but upwork keep ignoring us? 


well, in fairness you went and put them there by responding to each and everyone to make them get there....

the post were allready there I ust highlight them
Just in the first page I found this  post related to this topic:

-Here we go again... by @Natasa R
-JS Score - More (and more) Questions than answers by @Gwen E

-Mysteriously dropped my job success score from 95% to 81% by @Raja B

-Freelancer Ended Contract - JS Score? by @Jean S

-Long-term clients 0%, negatively affecting JS score by @Daniel C

-Projects and JS Scores by @Gwen E

-Why JS Drops? by @Sandeep C

-Job success lower after two successful job completions by @Tiago S

-upwork forcing me out (69% JS) by @Javier M

-Job Success - An incomplete indicator by @Ashish M

-I am top rated every other update by  myself


I was expecting my rating to go up but it keeps going down.  Smiley Sad

up! I completed a job with $X00 lately in a week but only increased by 3 points.