Concerned about getting my account held by upwork

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Plz! Help me with this.


If I get a job as a recruiter, will upwork allow me to log-in to my client’s account while keeping my own account logged-in to the upwork app to track time of my services? Or my account will be held by upwork?


Or, how will I be able to track time if I won’t be able to log-in to my own account while managing my potential client’s account?


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M. Javed

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Muhammad Hamid,


Your client can give you permission to manage certain aspects of their account without logging into it. Please, check out this help article and feel free to share it with your client.

~ Valeria

Hi Valeria,


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The help article you mentioned seems about agency contractors. I am not a part of any agency on upwork. Am I supposed to become a part of my potential client’s agency/company to perform recruitment tasks?


What If he/she has no agency/company on upwork.  Can he/she still be able to delegate me some authority from his/her account to perform recruitment tasks?


Or I have to login to his/her account to perform such tasks?



Hi Muhammad Hamid, 

The article sent in by Valeria was about clients who have enabled teams in their client account. You may send this help article to your client, which is about how to enable teams. From there, your client should proceed with following the steps in the help article Valeria sent. 

You may also want to check this list of help articles on having a company account. Both help articles cited by me and Valeria are on the same list. 

~ Avery

Thank you both Valeria and Avery for helping me out.