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Concerned about negative feedback for not going outside of the scope of work

Hi All. I've been on Upwork for about 2 years now and while I've had my share of difficult clients, this one I'm dealing with now is probably the worst.


We originally negotiated the scope of work on a fixed-price basis and I was good with that. However, I've admittedly overdelivered due to wanting to keep the contract and using it as practice to hone my skills, but she now just expects my overdelivery as the minimum. I've decided I don't want to work with this client anymore, but I'm concerned she'll leave a bad review because I gave very minimal effort on the last milestone (and by minimal I want to emphasise that I still delivered a professional product). She was not very happy with the delivery, but I stand by my belief that it is well-within the quality she should expect for the amount she's paying. 


Advice on navigating ending this relationship without a stain on my record would be appreciated! 





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