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Concerned with client comment

I got this comment from a client I agreed to do a high level deep manuscript critique on. 


"Just so you know I'm always prepared to hear your critique but just keep in mind that I have a psychotic disorder caused by all the past events."


So I'm kinda stressed now. Way to make a freelancer nervous. I'm anticipating needing to use my top rated perk if things don't go his way. I'm not joking, this is kinda scary to see pop up in the ol inbox. He's not joking either, this much I can tell. 

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If I had a client who, post-contract agreement, announced a (presumed accurately diagnosed and implicitly triggerable) psychotic disorder, I would be asking them if they had any particular advice for managing the relationship. I might also propose a brief and focused critique of a short part of the manuscript to see if it raised any red flags.


Hi Sarah,


Could you please share the contract ID so I can check this for you? 

~ Joanne
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