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Confession for refund requested

Hi everyone,

It was very shocking for me when I got a message for” $5.00 in escrow this client has requested a return of funds from escrow” while the client leaved excellent feedback as well because work has been successfully completed.

When I contact the client and asked about how it is possible and how do you do it? He shocked and absolutely refused but, I have evidence.

So how will I know whose involve in it because I am very worried about it and depressed, why all this trouble with me? I haven't been rewarded for trusting Upwork so much.

A satisfactory answer helps me in future planning, please!

Thanking you

Md Waliullah

Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Md,


I checked your contract and would like to clarify that your client has requested a refund on the funds in Escrow and not the funds paid to you. 

I would also like to confirm that only your client can submit a request for a refund. I would recommend communicating further with your client about this. Thank you.

~ Goran
Community Member

Thank you so much for supporting!

The client saying same thing, I didn't do anything.



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