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Confused about payment

So I have capped out my 10hr/week and earned my first 150$ on this website. Do I need to wait till 24th of may (3rd week Wednesday) or do I get it earlier. I'm a bit confused about that whole system since I don't see why I gotta wait so long. I rented an apartment so I kinda need the money earlier if possible. Is there any way I can take my money once my client has reviewed my work in the 2nd week, instead of waiting a week and 3 more days for it? Thank you.

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Can't 'expedite' the review period, it ends at Friday. 


Top rated people get the money immediately after the review period ends.



I don't see why I gotta wait so long

That's just the way it is. I freelance independently most of the time, and I think I can understand. Some clients pay immediately, some other cannot pay for any freelancer expense until the next accounting month. Upwork's reason is different, but okay.

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The client has from Monday afternoon until Thursday to review your work. Payment goes through after the review period and becomes available to most the following Tuesday/ Wednesday, depending on your time zone. Please read up on how you get paid in the Terms of Service.

Alright, I will. Thank you

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