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Confusing Experience with Client

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Casey H Member Since: Jan 6, 2020
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@John K,


That is some of the clarification I needed about reviewing. I was vaguely aware of a review system once entering a contract, but yeah, hadn't even made it that far before.


I do still think it'd be nice to have an albeit less important reviewing system for anyone who interacts via Upwork, and would be fine with freelancers subjected to the same standard. As it's been pointed out, client didn't violate anything but it bothers me is that he's seen as a good client by Upwork standards, and has no reason to fix his hiring process, and I can't be the only person with that experience.


Technical difficulties - that was the big source of my confusion. There was no indication the conversation was going poorly at all, it might have even ended mid-sentence on his part, and it's no big deal that a call in browser software cut out. Then to find out later...maybe I was blocked? Was I supposed to follow up? Did he hang up on me then? I did all the Upwork tutorials beforehand but it took a lot of acquainting myself to Upwork pretty quickly to figure out what happened.


Thanks for replying. I've clarified a lot by posting here.

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Nichola L Member Since: Mar 13, 2015
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I would also like to know what  "you can't send messages in an archived room" means. What is an "archived room"?  (And I don't mean archived proposals etc.)


Casey, if this was a job you applied to and the client closed the job himself without hiring, you should get your connects back. I do think it is odd you were cut off so abruptly. What sort of feedback does the client have? 

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Casey H Member Since: Jan 6, 2020
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@Nichola L

When I plugged the "archived room" thing into Google, it took me to several Upwork threads saying that it most likely meant you were blocked. No matter what, it's an archived room because the communication was closed for some reason or another. Again pretty abrupt for me since I never even knew the conversation was ending.

That's a pretty good point about the connects. I dont think I got them back, but I wasnt really tracking them closely.

The client has a couple of 5 star reviews with no text, and maybe a few 5 star reviews with something simple like "great to work with". Client had also reviewed some freelancers, mostly one star reviews with no text but some positive reviews. Vaguely concerning but not really enough to expect the outcome.
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Casey H Member Since: Jan 6, 2020
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@ Preston H.


Thanks for clarifying about the reviewing. I had some idea of reviewing an actual client but yeah, hadn't made it that far before yet. It would be nice to have some admittedly less important reviewing system for anyone who's interacted via Upwork, because the client was in good standing on Upwork which led to extra confusion about what had ended a seemingly good conversation.

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Tonya P Member Since: Nov 26, 2015
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Jennifer M wrote:

Casey H wrote:

I had an experience with a client that I'm not sure how I feel about.


We were on a video call discussing the client's business plan. I was uncomfortable due to a lot of things the client was saying and was planning on not taking the job. In the middle of the call, we cut out. I figured technical difficulties and waited for follow up contact. I was unable to send more Upwork messages but new to the site, I didn't think much of it.


After several hours of not hearing back, I checked the page again. It said "you can't send messages in an archived room." When I searched this, it meant that the client had blocked me.


Thinking back to the call, we had been having a slight debate about his business plan before the call cut out. I told him he was oversimplifying something complex, but I had never thought myself anything short of respectful.


So it sounds to me like what happened is the client didn't like my criticism, hung up on me without warning, and blocked me. There are a plethora of reasons why I wouldn't take this job, but if this is what happened, I'd really like a way to warn future freelancers that this client doesn't intend to give a full interview, nor notify you before abruptly cutting off contact.


If there is something else that could have happened besides the client hanging up and blocking me, I'd be interested to know, but the more I think the more that's the most likely thing that happened. (I believe the job has been taken down, but the client is still active.)


So I'm totally new to Upwork and this was literally my first interview through this site. I'm very turned off from freelancing on here further, thinking that some significant amount of clients is like that.

lol welcome to the internet and being a contractor. He's a **Edited for Community Guidelines** but it's not against the rules to be a **Edited for Community Guidelines**. You're gonna need a thicker skin, friendo. Just move on.

I have to agree with this. Your time is your asset. Don't waste a second of it worrying about what a non-client did. Spend your time focused on the people who will become your clients and pay you.