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Connecting to Paypal for payment using different email address

I get seriously tired of these new apps and softwares that automatically try to link my paypal to the email address that I register to various sites with.  My PayPal email address is personal and I prefer to keep it that way.  Why is it impossible to find out how to change the email address for my PayPal so that I can be paid even though I am registered with a different email.  I have spent more than half an hour of my time going in circles and still no resolution.  I do not use multiple PayPal accounts because to me that is asking for trouble or done to evade tax on earnings.  It doesn't make sense.

So how do I connect to my existing PayPal without putting my PayPal email address out for the world to see?  Or should I just forget trying to work as a freelancer in Upwork and make sure that I pass this information along to all of my marketing connections and blogger friends?  This is insanity.



Go to your PayPal account and add the email address to your PayPal. You can add 6 email addys IIRC. It's kinda hidden but do a search and I'm sure you'll find the instructions.