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Connects Problem



I've written about this issue before in a community post.

I really want Upwork to do something about this. 


In order to bag a job, freelancers are trying their best and spending connects as much as they can, while bidding. 

But things are getting way too crazy now! 


Have a look at the attached screenshot;

91 connects!! 91 for the top spot & if I wish to bid on this project which is within my skillset, I will need to spend minimum 68 connects!! 


Do you think it's possible to go on spending connects like this every time we submit a proposal? 

I've been observing this trend since January this year. 

50, 60, 70 connects spent bidding on 1 job, that too within 2-3 hours of job being posted. 


We won't be able to submit proposals with this number of connects even with a premium account! (It offers only 80 connects) and even purchasing connects won't help. 


We would just bleed money & this will never be economically feasible. 

You guys don't even refund our connects if someone else gets hired OR job stays open for more than 3 days. Wasting connects like this prevents us from even submitting proposals to other jobs.


Why aren't you fixing this?? 

Do something about it. 

It's getting so hard for freelancers to get jobs here on this platform! 

It's quite easy for you to share a zillion blogs on "Tips to succeed on Upwork" but it ain't worth a nickel if you do nothing on this issue. 


I hope Upwork takes note of this.






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Yes, You are true. I'd be glad if UpWork refunded our connects if the client didn't hire us. Because there are tons of job posts that just job posts. no hires. So we are just wasting connect for nothing. 

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So **bleep** true!! I miss the old Upwork where it was easier for freelancers to bid with the small connects. But now? better to hunt job in LinkedIn.. 😪  

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