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Connects refund when job scope changed.

I applied for one of the jobs as described. During the interview it turned out that the client needed a scope of work several times greater than that specified and included additional work. For same price. The client lied on the job post or changed his mind after freelancers paid for application.

 I'm wasting 2 hours of time on this idiot but can I at least get connects back? Connects are very expensive and I think that in such cases I can demand their return.

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Have you reported it? I believe there are a few flag options you can use.


Maybe the job will be closed, but don't hold your breath.

Reported. But I dotn't think that it will be removed. No direct ToS violation there. Yep, client asked for some kind of free works. But just cheated with the price. Will pay (it is fixed-price) same but for more jobs than described. In short: instead of 30min needed for works described it will take from 5hrs to unlimited.

Knowing the real scope of work I would not have applied.
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You just described 70% of my Upwork experience thus far: applying for a 50-dollar job, then talking to the client and realizing that what they actually want is something else entirely, that would either take weeks to complete or has nothing to do with any of the services I offer.


Upwork normally refunds the Connects I spend to apply when a client contacts me with a message (even if I decline their offer), but it didn't on at least one occasion (though it was a 4 Connects job so I didn't bother). The Connects are usually refunded after a few hours or the next day.

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