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Connects to expire

A short while ago I received a message, that some connects will expire soon. I was able to figure out the amount of connects that will expire.

Now I received another message (even I spent more than the amount of connects, that was shown to me) that more connects will expire. Can someone tell me where this information can be found? I was looking for it again, but I didn't find anything. Was it removed again?

Thank you for your help!

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From what I have seen, they 'expire' 1 year after they are issued (or added to your account).  The problem is there is currently no way for a freelancer to know (from within their account) which ones are about to 'expire' or how many are about to 'expire'.  It's also not known if connects that are 'refunded' to you start a new 1-year lifecycle or pick up where they left often before you spent them on a proposal.  Also not known - the 'order' in which connects are spent: When you 'spend' connects if Upwork uses the connects  with the closest expiration date first or just 'spends' random ones on proposals, possibly leaving connects about to 'expire' soon in your account.




Not a very 'transparent' process at all, probably, by design





Thank you for this informative answer!

As I described, I'm pretty sure, I saw how many connects expire just a few days ago. So it truly seems to be on purpose to not show it and if they can send an e-mail it would be very easy to say how many connects expire soon...

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