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/ConnectsSubmitet proposals - Export to Excel function

Hi to all, 

When it comes to earnings Upwork provided "Download CSV" function.

But at Connects or Proposals no such function.  WHY? Few days ago I did analyzes. How many connects I invested into getting one job. I spent 2 HOURS to extract and analyze data for 1 MONTH. In my opinion this is very strange. So please, can anyone from Upwork think about adding this simple functionality? Thank you. 



What I found is that in period of one moth, 15%-20% of clients are truly hearing. On example of 100 job post, it means that max 20% are true reach


Hi Dalibor,


Thank you for reaching out to us and sharing your suggestion. I will share your feedback with our team for further review. Additionally, I would like to let you know that you can use the My Stats page to gain better insight into your platform engagement. You can find more information in the Community Announcement and this help article


~ Nikola
Community Member

Thank you Nikola, My stats provide nice review for profile views, invites and proposals. What I suggest is export to CSV function for Connects and Proposals with following figures:

  • Job title
  • Job link/unique number
  • Number of spent connects
  • Client hired someone or not (1/0; Yes/No)
  • Job active (1/0; Yes/No)
  • Date of proposal

Everything is already available but simple extraction is not an easy job.

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