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Consultation Feedback -- Unclear Menu Options

A client just ended a  consultaiton contract, so I got an email from Upwork prompting me to leave feedback. Glad to! Only one problem. The dropdown menu options are cut off, so I have no idea what I'm actually selecting. I want to choose the right option, but I can't figure out what the top two items are supposed to say. Can anyone help?




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Make your screen zoom setting lower

It's at 100%. If this solution actually works, it's bizarre that Upwork would design the menu so that you have to adjust your broswer zoom settings every time you leave feedback on a consultation. What a pain in the @$$.

I can't test this theory, unfortunately, because I already completed the feedback. Both of the top options begin with "The project was successful," so I figured that either way, it would be interpreted favorably. I do wish I could tell what I had actually submitted, though.

Another consultation project just ended, so I had the opportunity to test out the "zoom" theory. As expected, it didn't work. Both zooming in and zooming out produced the same truncated menu. It's a design issue.


(On another note, I've only had two consultations over the last three months. Suddenly, I've got 5 booked just for this week. Why the sudden uptick? I'm not complaining, just curious about why they're so popular out of the blue.)






Hi Signe,


We truly appreciate you reporting this here. However, I took a closer look at the screenshot you shared and it looks like your Browser needs to be updated. Can you please try updating your browser or try using a different one? You may also try clearing your browser’s cache and cookies. Let us know if the issue persists after trying to troubleshoot and we'll look further into this for you. Looking forward to your response.


~ Arjay

In an updated Chrome browser, on a completely different computer, I'm having the same issue. My broswer doesn't seem to be the problem -- it's clearly a case of the menu items being too long for the space they're designed to fit in. Can you just tell me what the options are so I can select the right one? Thanks...




Another contract just ended, so I'm testing out different browsers. Mozilla, AVG, and Microsoft Edge all produce the same results.  I've chosen the top option when leaving feedback on my last 3 consulting contracts, so hopefully that's the right one. I have no idea what kind of data I'm giving Upwork by selecting that choice, or what it might do to my JSS or the client's star rating, but hopefully it's good. 🤞









It has been a week now, and -- as established in my previous (and unacknolwedged) responses -- the problem is not a browser issue. Another consultation contract just ended, and once again, I'm unable to fully read the drop-down menu as I leave feedback. I still don't know which option to select since the menu isn't fixed and, despite repeated requests, nobody has posted here to tell me what the options are supposed to say. Please fix this issue and/or let me know what the full menu items say. I'd prefer to leave feedback knowing what I'm actually selecting, rather than blindly guessing and hoping everything turns out okay for both me and the client.

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Hey Signe, Upwork this week updated this pulldown and you are correct part of the sentences are not visible and it's not a browser issue as suggested below. The problem is there are too many words now on each line of the pulldown. Usually the first option is the right one to pick for a successful project. Yes it needs to be shortened. Thanks!

The top two options both begin with "My consultation was successful and I plan to..." The problem is, I have no idea what the second half of the sentence is for either success option. Definitely poor design.

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Thank you for highlighting this challenge, Signe

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10 days ago, I opened a ticket to report a similar truncation on the "Accept Interview" proposal submission page when the user is a non-exclusive agency member. Just got word that the ticket is now in the hands of Technical Support.

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