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Contact Upwork Helo Support by Phone

Hello! I have been trying to contact with a real Customer Service Rep by phone by this line is always busy. Is this option not longer available? The phone number that I am trying to reach is 1-866-262-4478. Does someone have a different number to connect with a real person in Upwork? 

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Upwork support options are limited these days. I know of no phone numbers for interacting directly with the Upwork Support team. There are higher levels of support--including phone numbers--for large Enterprise clients and some other clients, but all others are steered to the AI chatbot or these Community Forums.


If you give a broad overview of your request, a Moderator or Community Manager can create a support ticket for you, which may lead to direct interaction with the Support team.

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Hello any one

have worked with many clients,don't get any benefit. Thanks Nripendra S

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