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Contact info on copy of resume.

Hi, my question is: If a client ask for a copy of my resume, can i get in trouble for having my contact information on it? Should i create a copy without that info to give to clients here on Upwork? 

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The client should have no need for your resume. All the information they need is either on your profile and portfolio, or already known by Upwork.

Iv seen numerous clients that are hiring long term jobs ask for a copy of a resume. Like the one im appying to right now. They asked for pdf copy of my resume for their HR department. So again to my question you did not answer, can i get in trouble with Upwork by ataching a resume file with my conatct information on it?  

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You are free to share whatever information you need with your client. You are not restricted in any way to using just the messaging system.

The only thing you have to make sure is to never ever accept payment outside the platform. All payments have to go through Upwork.

It's extremely unusual for an HR dept to have any involvement in hiring a freelancer. You can be almost certain that "clients" who claim they are hiring 'long-term' and/or mention their HR dept or hiring manager are running some kind of scam. 

It depends to an extent where the client is from.


A European client (for example) is likely to ask for a CV or resume through sheer force of habit. Even a cleaner here will often produce a CV.  It doesn't have to involve a HR department. 

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