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Contact information in job posts

I have flagged several jobs for including contact information in them and almost no description of the task required. In one instance I even contacted the Upwork team and was reassured that it would take no longer than 24 hours to study the highly suspicious case.  A week has passed. That job and others I flagged for the same reason were not removed or modified in any way by the Upwork team. I would like to know publicly what is the official stand on this matter. It seems like potential clients and potential scammers, unlike freelancers, are allowed to include their contact information in their job descriptions (whatsapp number, email, etc.).

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Juan C, thank you for posting this here as it helps alert all freelancers to the many scam posts here on UW. All freelancers should read and abide by the ToS and never communicate outside of UW until a contract has been set up correctly and then accepted, even if the client supplies contact info in a message and not merely in the post. Freelancers should also always flag and report any posts which seem suspicious. I look forward to reading UW's response to the issues you have raised.

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