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Contact potential client on LinkedIn for Upwork job

Hi, how are you doing?

I was wondering is it okay to contact people on LinkedIn who work as a freelancers on Upwork to create them portfolio and invite them to work on Upwork?

Best wishes!

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No, it's not okay to look up freelancers on Upwork and contact them off the platform. If you have a service that you want to sell, create a project catalog and if anyone needs it, they'll come to you.

Thanks for letting me know! 

Best wishes!

EDIT: I am reaching out every potential client on LinkedIn, not just Upwork freelancers, but they would be part of them

If you want to connect with other freelancers, there's a networking feature on Upwork, but the majority of freelancers aren't going to give you any work - they don't have enough work for themselves, let alone other people. 

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