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Contacting potential client

Maybe this has been answered, but if the contract has not been established and the client gives a phone number to call, does TOS allow me to call the potential client? I don't think so, but just want to be sure.

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After an official Upwork contract is in place, there are no restrictions on what methods you use to contact a client, as long as the client provided the contact information to you.


Prior to having an official Upwork contract, ToS doesn't allow freelancers to contact clients through methods outside of the Upwork Messages tool.


So short answer:
No, you can't call that prospective client on the phone right now.

Thanks, that is what I told the client.

Upwork's Messages tool has built-in audio calling. Built-in videoconference calling. Built-in Zoom.

I used it just two days ago, with a brand-new client.

We used video and audio, and screen-shared.

It all worked well.


There's nothing that you and this client could do with a simple phone call that you can't do with the current Messages tool. I recommend you try it with him.

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