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Contract Closed by Inactivity with money still on Escrow... Some questions!

I was notified two weeks ago that one of my contracts were to close due to inactivity. I tried to reach the client (who was still active some days before this notification) but had no luck.

The contract got closed and I've got a request for a refund of $100 that were in Escrow.
What should I do?

Me and this client had been working for some months and there were different projects and contracts, he used to have a ton of ideas and thus I suppose things got a little confusing and I never realized he funded this specific milestone. He had a history of proposing milestones and not funding some of those, so maybe this is why I didn't care to look deeply into it.

Is there any implication in accepting the refund? Or would it be seen as an admissal of "you had a job to do and you failed at it"? Because that wasn't the case. My role in this project as to feed to a software some assets developed by another freelancer. I've done all the work and the first milestone got paid, but then the client needed some more done and created (and funded) a second (smaller) milestone... But these other assets never came thru, nor anything else was told to me about it.

So, can I just refund the money, or does refunding it counts as me admiting that I failed the project and thus there is risk to my JSS? (even if the client doesn't give any feedback).



Hi Shiva,


Please note that refunding or accepting an escrow refund request doesn't have any effect on your JSS . When a contract is closed, both parties have 14 days to provide their feedback on the contract. If no feedback is provided on the contract by the client, it will not have an impact on your Job Success score. If the client specifies in their feedback that the contract had a negative outcome, then that will be counted in the score.


~ Arjay