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Contract Detail page should show transactions under that contract too.

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Aatif F Member Since: Jan 12, 2011
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Hi, I have requested this feature many times from you but you never considered it, why? Open the link or open a fixed priced contract's detail page. You just show the balance of the fixed priced contract in three columns (Agreed, Paid, Remaining). Why can't you show the transactions made in this contract under those three columns? So, would know that how this paid balance is generated. Why I need it? When work with clients on fixed price projects, they ask me to do the fixes or something extra to work on (other than current project) and they paid the payment of it during our current contract. At the end of the contract, we both become confuse because of the balance shown in this page. And for the sake of this, we have to manage our balance separately on google doc. Example: A contract was agreed to $400 and he paid 10% advance ($40). I have started working on this project and ask for the milestone payment of $100 and when he paid my balance become $140 of this contract. After this milestone, suppose he ask me to pause the work on this project and do some fixes or add an feature in another project which is worth $200. Because of client's priority I have to do this first now and obviously, he will pay $200 when its completed. So, my paid balance would be ($40 + $100 + $200) = $340. After that fix, I started working on the actual project and when the project is completed, how we both would know that what's the remaining payment? With the balances shown in the contract, my remaining amount is $60. But my actual remaining amount is $260. So, if you just show the transactions with description and amount on this page of the contract, that would be really helpful for us to calculate the remaining amount. Thank you for your time. Regards, Aatif