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Contract Issue


I wanted to clarify this problem with one of the contracts I had, I actually started an hourly contract with a client a week ago I guess. I don’t know what the problem occurred but only two hours after starting work on the contract, I received a mail from up work that this contract is on hold and you don’t need to work on it until we inform you to resume. Well I stopped working on it and a while later I also got an email that my account was suspended, I didn’t know for what reason they put my account on hold, I guess it must have been a confusion. However, up work resolved that matter within two days and my account was fine and functioning again and YES I really appreciate up work’s professional behavior there.


Okay now the issue at hand is that the contract is still active (means not ended till now) and also still on hold, I am not understanding why it is still on hold and if the client doesn’t want to respond so at least end it. And the main problem, I worked on it for some time my work diary shows 93.33 $ billed and I used time tracker as well (also maintained active memos) to qualify for the payment protection. I tried contacting the client a few times, I also texted him via up work messages but he never responded to any of my texts. I even told him about the problems that have occurred and insisted him to please contact up work team so things are sorted out and we resume the contract but again no replies rather not even online.


Now I don’t understand what to do, actually I am new to work and have just done 4 jobs. I don’t know what happens now. If I end it myself will my profile be negatively affected (what else can I even do the client isn’t replying and the contract is still on hold) and will I even get paid for the work I did. Up work did give me some clearance on this issue (thank you for that) I thought by now the client would respond but still he hasn’t.


Now can some up work team expert please help me out here and suggest me the correct course of action.

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Only 1 week has passed since the contract was put on hold? 

What is the urgency to close it or not? 


If you no longer want to work with this client, close the contract. If you might want to work with this client if the hold is resolved, don't close the contract. 

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Hello Tonya,


Thank you for responding. 

No there is no urgency at all, I have no other problems. Just was confused why isn't the client responding and that if it stay like this then what should I do. 

Well I guess I would again text the client hope he responds and ultimately wait for the contract to resume.


Anyways Thank you for responding. 

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