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Contract Paused by Upwork with payment still in escrow

Hi! Earlier this month (Feb 1st) I started a contract with a video editing client whose payment method had been verified at the time. They funded and activated my milestone, and delivered the work within the turnaround I promised. The milestone was due Feb 14th and I submitted a payment request Feb 3rd. The client said they wanted a copy of the license for the music, and that they'd approve the payment once they had it. I sent the license promptly, expecting the funds to be released from escrow, but the client proceeded to ghost me. I gave them some time and checked in after a few days to see if they published the video on YT since they were so eager to start their channel. They responded a week after and said "yes". To which I responded, "wonderful, could you approve the payment then?" It's been 5 days since, and I figured the funds would clear after the 14-day period. However, when I went online to check the escrow release date, I saw that the contract has been paused because Upwork is investigating a billing issue with the client's account. So I naturally went to submit a ticket and get a support team member to deal with this, but it looks like the support window is nothing but a click loop. I get sent back to the main support page whenever I try to submit a ticket or connect to Upwork live chat. 

If a representative could email me regarding both of these issues, that'd be great. 

Thanks in advance!

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