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Contract Paused by Upwork

My hourly contract is paused by Upwork with some issue with clients account. No other reason has been given. The client is also not clarifying on the issue. Can I get proper exact reason for pausing the contract?

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Umm, I don't think so becasue the issue is between the client and Upwork. One it is sorted, your project will be back on track.

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Umm, I don't think so becasue the issue is between the client and Upwork. One it is sorted, your project will be back on track.

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I have two paused contracts by Upwork, issues unrelated to me and i have no interest to know why they are paused.

I cannot close them, I cannot do anything, can someone please close them out for me?

Hi Pete,


Thank you for your message. I checked and I can see the 'End contract' button on the paused contracts too. You will need to go to the Contract page and click the options (3 dots) menu to find the 'End contract' page. Feel free to message us if you need further assistance. 



Thank you,



Hi Pradeep,

I have a similar issue; however, I don't see "End Contract" options when I click on the option (3 dots). Moreover, on the "All Contracts" page, the reason is shown as "Paused by Upwork" but when I go to the Contract page, it says "Client ended the contract on Jan 1, 1970".

Please advise.

Hi Baljinder,


Thank you for reaching out to us. I shared your report with our team and one of our agents will reach out to you using a support ticket to assist you further. You can access your support tickets here.


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I'm facing a similar situation. One of the "fixed priced" contracts is paused by Upwork.


The message reads, "We are investigating a problem with (client's name) account. Please do not resume work until the contract is active again."


I've read that these contracts if remain in this state for too long, they cause a negative effect on JSS. So, if I close this contract myself, it will still affect my JSS. The problem is not from my side, but rather on the clients'. Why should my JSS have to suffer?


I can't contact the client to discuss the issue, as their messages have disappeared from the inbox. 

I've read that these contracts if remain in this state for too long, they cause a negative effect on JSS.

Not true.

Hi Martina,


Thank you for responding. The delivery time is almost over, so If I don't close the contract, it won't have any effect on my JSS?


I haven't closed it yet, I would like to have your opinion on this. Should I close this contract or let Upwork's investigation complete and see what they decide? 

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I am also facing the same problem. My contract got paused by Upwork. I have already talked to my client about the issue and he told me that he already sorted out on his end. But up until now, the contract is still suspended by Upwork.

Hi Alve,


I checked the client account you are referring to and noticed that the issue is still not resolved. Unfortunately, I am unable to discuss other user's accounts further with you for security purposes. Please request your client to contact us so that we can assist them.


Thank you,



Hi Paradeep,


Thank you for your response. My client is asking how he can contact you and your team directly in order to sort this matter. Please advice.


Thank you again.

Hi Alve,


Thank you for following up. Could you please ask your client to reach out to us directly here in the Community? Additionally, they can contact us directly on any social media they prefer and we will be happy to help.


~ Nikola

Hello Pradeep,


I am experiencing the same issue. My contract was paused by Upwork because of client issue. I immediately contacted my client and after fee hours, he said that everything was sorted. However, it's been 5 days but the contract is still paused. How can we know when to resume?

Hi Hannah Marielle,


If a contract is on hold, it means that there is a problem with your client’s Upwork account, and you cannot continue to bill that client through Upwork until the issue is resolved. There are many possible reasons this could occur, although we can’t share the specifics regarding your clients' accounts due to privacy concerns.


Your client should've also received a message from the relevant team indicating what steps they need to take to resolve their issue and they can follow up with the team as well in case they still need assistance with their account. Please, be sure to not resume working with the client until the hold is lifted from the contract.  You can check this help article to learn more.


~ Arjay

Hello Arjay,


Thank you for your response. My client says the issue has been resolved last week but as of writing, the contract is still on hold. Can you check for me please? Moreover, my client is not responding since yesterday so I cannot check with him per last conversation, issue was resolved. 


If you can give me a time-frame when I could possibly resume, that would be great.

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