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Contract Start

I was hired by my client. But when I tried to accept his offer, it said his account on hold temporarily. He then hired me from another source(his friend's account). Can I accept this offer?


Is it physically possible for you to accept this offer?



Do Upwork rules (ToS) allow you to accept this offer?



Should you accept this offer?

The answer to THIS question is subjective.

Some Upwork freelancers would say no. Some would say yes. You already know that this client has a problem with his Upwork account. Does that mean he is some kind of bad guy? Not necessarily. He could be a legitimate business owner in the process of setting up corporate credit cards and there could be a problem with that. He may be a sainted physician close to curing cancer. Or he might be a scammer. I don't know. I have personally worked for clients who had temporary account suspensions and resolved their issues. Sometimes their credit card on file simple reached its expiration date and they had to update their credit card details.