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Contract Suspension - Please help!

Hey there,

I woke up earlier this morning that my contract with one client is suddenly "suspended."


Everything was going smoothly in my end and I don't know what happened and it says that I shouldn't continue working in the meantime.


How long does this usually take?

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Clients payment method is not working. You should contact him and tell him about this issue. 


There is no time period regarding this. You should contact your client regarding this trouble.





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Don't panic. It has happened to me a few times. Sometimes it is just that something like the client's credit card expired and they need to update it.
Talk to the client directly with an innocent question like: is there a problem?

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This is one reason you should always write clear memos on all of your hourly work for any client.


If for any reason Upwork has paid more to you than the client ultimately pays to Upwork, Upwork may review your hourly activity on that client's project to see if there are any deficient memos or other elements of your use of TimeTracker that don't fit Upwork's self-defined standards.


Upwork will take back from your account any amounts related to the "deficient" TimeTracker records it finds and you wlll have no recourse to protest or request details on those "deficiencies".


Make your TimeTracker memos clear, which doesn't mean you need to write a short story each time.

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