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Contract ended as soon as it started, will it affect my JSS?

Hey Upwork community,


In order to change from a fixed price to an hourly contract, my client ended the contract we started a few hours ago without a feedback and sent a new offer.


Can this affect my JSS or will it even show on my profile? 



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Hi Mostafa, same thing happened to me several times. When ending the contract if they marked "job was cancelled" (or something like it; I don't remember the exact wording) I don't think anything negative will happen to your JSS. I had seen no impact on mine in any of the similar occasions.

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Hi Mostafa, Thanks for your message. Yes, the contract will appear on your profile. Contracts with no client feedback do not affect your score unless you have excessive contracts with no feedback. If you would like to learn more details about your Job Success Score check out this Help Article.


Update for clarity: The contract will appear in the profile's Work History & Feedback section only if at least $1 was paid on it. If no money was paid on the contract it won't show on the profile but may be included in the Job Success Score.

~ Jo-An


 Thanks Baris and Jo-An,


Actually the client told me that when he switched from fixed to hourly Upwork did the closing and starting of a new contract so I guess that's the default and won't appear on my profile.


Thanks again!


Best regards,


No it won't appear in his profile. If no money changed, it doesn't appear in profiles. What's wrong with the mods today?

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