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Contract ended yet unpaid

I have done some work for a client and successfully submitted the complete files. This client acknowledged receiving the work and asked me to log in the time, which I did. But a few minutes ago, I realised that she has ended the contract without making the payment. The milestone was funded, and this is even a client who invited me for the job which I gladly did.How do I proceed from here? I have been asking for payment but the client doesnt communicate on that.


Retired Team Member
Retired Team Member

Hi Christine,

Please send me a PM with the contract ID or job posting link and our team will investigate this further.
Just to confirm this was a fixed price contract, correct?

You should not track or log in your time on fixed price contract, you only need to submit your work on the milestone created for you. If the client has ended the contract with funds in Escrow you have received a notification to approve or reject the refund.
I can advise you to check out our guides for: Hourly Protection for Freelancers and Fixed-Price Protection for Freelancers to learn more on how you`re protected.
You can also check out the Safety First section on this Thread.

~ Goran

Hi Goran,

Apparently this was a fixed price contract. But on completion of the task on 13th of Feb,and asking for payment, the client asked me to first log in the time,  which I did.  I am aware of how Fixed price contracts work, but since the client had asked of this time log afterwards, I assumed it was possibly meant to facilitate payment and so I just complied..Next thing I saw was a notification that the contract is ended, no payment yet. 

I am looking forward to your team sorting this matter out.



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