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Contract gets suspended after the project is finished

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Salve A Member Since: Nov 26, 2013
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Me, I did not expect that there are Bad Clients here. I agree with you to take this as a hobby especially if you have a family. Many Clients are Unsure. 

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Petra R Member Since: Aug 3, 2011
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Nikolay, I have worked here for years, and many, MANY of my best clients were not payment method verified when I first discussed the project with them.


I have never ONCE not been paid for something. If in doubt, don't accept a contract until the client has verified their payment method.




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Nikolay P Member Since: Apr 23, 2018
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Thanks for the feedback. I am glad to here you are succeeding! I wish you even more success in the future.

I will certainly try to discuss that with the client next time.

The outcome from this discussion is that I am not as protected as I thought I were.

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Petra R Member Since: Aug 3, 2011
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@Nikolay P wrote:

The outcome from this discussion is that I am not as protected as I thought I were.


Did you not get this email, which tells you clearly that you are not protected?



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Kathy T Member Since: Jul 17, 2015
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@Nikolay P wrote:

Hi all, 


I had the following case recently with one of the clients.

The client wanted to have something designed and documentated. We agreed on the payment as well as the amount of work. We set deadlines till Friday noon the same week.

The client did not verify its payment. I reminded him several times, and everytime I got assured, that this would be done as soon as the client gets to a computer.


Hi XXX I see that your account has not been verified. I can not start work until it is. Due to the delay the deadline will need to be pushed back. The new deadline will be xx days from the date of your account verification.


I was ready with the project several hour before the deadline and asked the client whether he will verify the payment in order to send the documents. I got again the same assurance and promised to do it 2-3 hours after deadline. 


When you do work and the clients account is not verified, or escrow is not FULLY funded you are basically working for free and wasting your time and energy


Since I am relatively new to Upwork and I am just starting to build a rating, I didn't wanted to get negative feedback because of the my constant push to verify the payment.

As expected, the payment was not verified and I could not get the payment for the delivered work.


Upwork is just an internet site where clients and freelancers can get together to get to get work done (clients) and to get work (freelancers) Aside from that, Upwork does provide protection, IF you follow their procedures. They verify clients accounts. That is for your protection so problems, such as what you encountered don't happen. They have an escrow account, which clients deposit funds into and it's held there until the job is completed. It is for safekeeping. Sort of like a 3rd party holding the money so neither client or freelancer can take it back. It shows the freelancer the client has the money and does intend to pay. For hourly jobs, it has payment protection. If you download and install  Tracker and write notes on the screen shots it takes and the client's account turns out to be bad, Upwork will pay you I KNOW OF NO OTHER FREELANCING SITE THAT OFFERS SOMETHING LIKE THIS.


How can I proceed from now on?


In the future, do not start work until a clients account is verified.

Do not start work until escrow is fully funded.

Freelancing is a business. Your business. And you have to run it like that. You need to not only use the protections Upwork provides but you also have to look out for yourself.

In the future, you need to know, that if you start work, complete work and deliver it to a client and that client's account is not verified, or escrow is not Fully funded, you are NOT going to get paid.

Thanks in advance!

Nikolay Petrov