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Contract is on hold.

this is the notification from upwork what would I have to do now?
We've noticed some possible issues with your contract with Lauren **Edited for community guidelines** (Email Leads Needed / ID # 20361184).
While we take a closer look, we'll need to put your contract on hold temporarily.
Please hold off on working on this contract until we give you the all clear. I know these holds are frustrating, but they are essential for the safety of your account and the marketplace. We're doing all we can to clear things up quickly.
 Our apologies for the inconvenience. This is a big deal to us too, and we'll do all we can to get you back working on Upwork as soon as possible.
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@ Khursheed --


I suggest that you "hold off on working on this contract until [Upwork] give[s] you the all clear."

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Your client needs to resolve whatever the issue is, nothing you can do, just don't do any work until it is resolved. Do not get dragged into working with the client on a different account.


Is it an hourly contract?


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Hi Khursheed,


I'm sorry to hear that about your contract. While we can't share any details, please ask your client to follow up on the notification they recently received and communicate with our team in order to resolve the issue with their account and resume your contract. Make sure to stop working on this contract and continue only after you can see that the contract has been resumed.

~ Bojan
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