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Contract not active

I've accepted a contract. but it's not active. It says, starting soon. The starting date is the 21st. Can this be changed so that it starts today? If so, who can make that change and How can that change be made. The client is new to Upwork.  Time tracker won't record because the contract is not active.

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Yeah, this happens to me sometimes.


Honestly, I've never tried to fight it. I don't think there are any Upwork user interface controls that you or the client have direct access to that allow changing this.


When this happens, I just send a brief note to the client thanking her for the contract, and letting her know when it begins, and that I'll be able to start work on the project when the contract begins.


I have other things I can do until that time, finishing up some work on other contracts.

Preston - is this something the client did on her end because she was new? 

re: "is this something the client did on her end because she was new?"


I have had more than one client do this.


Yes, they are new clients who for some unknown reason altered the start date of contracts. Maybe it was intentional. Maybe accidental. Not sure.

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The start date is something client can set up in the offer and I believe in this case they set it to tomorrow by mistake. We fixed it for you. Please, try refreshing your contracts list in the app, it should let you track time now. Let me know if it still doesn't work.

~ Valeria

Thank you. Everything is working now. Is this something I can go into and fix if this happens again? I love to get into things and fix them

Unfortunately, no, Kathy. The start date can't be changed by the freelancer once the offer is accepted. If you run into similar problem in the future, just let us know and we'll be happy to help.



~ Valeria


I am on the client side of an issue like this one. Both the contractor and I are ready to start, the freelancer actually already worked today. But we just realized that the contract is starting in september 2.

How and who should I contact to adjust this ?

Thanks a lot for your help

Hi Christophe,


The start date cannot be edited once the offer has been accepted. I can see you were able to send a new offer to the freelancer with the correct date. Please feel free to cancel the current contract and have the freelancer accept the new offer so they can start logging time right away.




I am having the same issues right now. Client and I are already starting the task but the time tracker is not working because it is showing as "Starting soon" and not "Active contract"


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Hi Kea,


The Contract you're referring to is not active currently. It should become active today. Once it becomes active it will be available in your Desktop App for you to track time for it.


Thank you! 

~ Bojan
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