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Contract on hold, client not responding and its been > 1 year

Ace Contributor

Dear Upwork, one of my contract is on hold and the client is not responding for more than a year. Its having bad impression on on my profile that I am buisy. I know most of you will suugest to end the contract myself. I did it on one of my earlier contract but my job success felll 10%(the client didnt provided any feedback). 

In this way we freelancers became **Edited for Community Guidelines**.

If a client leaves the platform or unfortunately he/she is no more, we are stuck. what options the freelancer have???
Plz help Upwork


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Brijraj,


Closing a contract wouldn't have affected your Job Success Score by that much. Looking at your profile, most likely other factors affected your score. If you decide to close the contract which is currently on hold, please contact Customer Support.


Hi Vladimir
"by that much"? it means alot for us freelancers. I contacted the support many times before. They just repeat one answer "Will forward your concer to concerned dept" but still aftr many months nothing happened no reply. I am just frustrated from upwork support for their "generic answer"

Community Manager
Community Manager

Hi Brijraj,


To explain further, in line with the information we have repeatedly shared in the Community and resources our team shared in your direct communication, closing a contract won't affect your Job Success Score in itself. It depends on the combination of other factors such as payment received, private and public feedback on this and your other contracts, which will determine the way this action will affect your Job Success Score. One or a couple of jobs closed without feedback or payment won't affect your score. 


Neither moderators or Support agents have access to the calculation and thus can't comment on the exact reasons for the change, which users usually can identify on their own after looking at all the factors that do influence the calculation.


"One of a couple of jobs closed without feedback or payment won't affect your score. "
okay so it means if there are more than 2 jobs without feedback(its not my fault. its client responsibilty to give good/bad feedback. I can only beg him for some feedback.),  it will negetively affect job suceess??

There is still ambiguity. So it seems we are jus stuck..
Not sure what to do 

Ace Contributor

If the client hasn't responded after a year, it's very unlikely they'll come back. You're a lot more patient than I am--I gave up after two months of no contact from a client with a contract on hold. Your best bet is to close the contract and move on.


Don't beg the client for feedback. It doesn't reflect well on you, and they have probably disappeared from Upwork anyway, which is why they are not responding. 


I took a look at your profile, and you have worked on so many projects that this one is unlikely to matter with regard to your JSS. This isn't your fault, anyway--it's the client's fault, and that's beyond your control. Don't panic. You'll be fine. Smiley Happy

Community Guru

It's better to keep cleaning up old contracts and close them  yourself.