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Contract on hold

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Petra R Member Since: Aug 3, 2011
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Denzil O wrote:

You will get paid for whatever tasks you have completed on Upwork and submitted. 

The contract has been on hold for 2 months. Had he submitted something he'd have been paid by now, and we don't know if it is an hourly contract.


Denzil O wrote:

What it means when Upwork suddenly puts your contract on hold is that there are insufficient funds in the client account, so Upwork fears there could be a dispute once you have completed your task. 

A fixed price contract can't even be started without the funds being taken from the card and put into Escrow, and putting a contract on hold has nothing at all to do with Upwork fearing a dispute.

Denzil O wrote:

From my experience, though, I learned from my client that his card was expired and that Upwork could not fetch the funds from his account to Escrow. 

Again, that simply isn't true because Escrow must be successfully funded for a contract to be initiated. Once a contract starts, the money is in Escrow.


In the vast majority of cases, a contract being put on hold simply means the client either defaulted on an hourly contract payment or there are verification issues.