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Contract placed on hold (suspended)

Hi there, my contract with a client has been suspended. I already delivered the final product, and he released the milestone however I did not receive the payment. What should I do?

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Community Manager

Hi Jose,


If there is a problem with your client’s Upwork account, your contract with them will be paused and you cannot continue to bill that client through Upwork until the issue is resolved. There are many possible reasons this could occur, although we can’t share the specifics regarding your client’s account due to privacy concerns.


You may want to wait for the hold on the contract to be lifted before taking any action or doing any additional work on the contract.


Thank you.

~ Aleksandar

I see, but I believe you don't fully understand. I've already delivered the
final product, and he already accepted the milestone request, however I did
not receive the payment. I'd like to know if I'll receive it or not.


The client offer me another payment method that is against the rules of upwork, so I did not accept because I believe Upwork will solve this problem. Am I wrong? How long the payment will be "pending"?

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Jose M wrote:

 he released the milestone however I did not receive the payment. 

Take a look at your Reports Overview Page

Do you see the money for the milestone under "Pending?"


If yes, there should be a date in the left hand column, which is the date the milestone would become available (after the standard 5 day security period)

Hi there, Petra. As you can see on my attachment the status still pending but there is no date  in the left hand column.


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