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Contract with my client is suspended



I have enterred a fixed price conctract with a client (100% funded) and recently i got a notification from upwork that your contract with this client is Suspended with this message. (Upwork is investigating an issue. Please do not resume work with this client until the contract is active again.)


I have already done some work and I had a chat with my client on this and he is requesting me to proceed with the pending work as the contract is 100% funded and in the mean time he will try to resolve the issue with Upwork. 


What should i do in this case ? Any leads ?


Thanks in advance



Listen to Upwork. There's obviously something wrong with the payment on the client's end. No guarantees you will be paid if you continue working with this client. 

Thanks for the response, You are right i should follow the guide by Upwork and should not continue to work till the time issue is resolved.