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Convert personalized profile to general profile

I am currently working on a contract that i got with my personalized profile. I would like to make this personalized profile my general profile, would you kindly advice if there is any repurcussion and how to go abou it?

Hi Addah,


If you need to edit your profile, the rest of the parts of the profiles will be the same across profile views:

  • Educational background, employment history, certifications, other experience, languages, availability
  • Portfolio project details (you don’t have to show all projects on specialized profiles, but their titles, attachments, and other details will be the same everywhere they appear)
  • Job Success Score

If you edit a shared part of your profile, the changes will show across on all profile views. Here's the help article for more information. 


If you are concerned about your currently active contract, please know that updating your profile doesn't affect it. You can still continue working on the contract without any issues.

~ Joanne
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